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Bicicletas Antiguas

The Schwinn Phantom

Juvenile model of America's finest Bicycle!

Model J-29 24-inch

The Superb design of the 26-in Phantom built into a 24-in model

Truly America's most beautiful bicycle! Just like its "big brother", it has the famous Schwinn patented Cantilever frame, chrome plated fenders, Spring Fork, Schwinn Cycelock, chrome trimmed tank with built-in horn, Rocket Ray headlight, built-in kickstand, and many other outstanding Schwinn Quality Features. Available in many attractive color combination.



Frame - Electro-forged, exclusive Cantilever construction. Removable seat post clamp.

Fork - Solid forged steel construction, patented truss rods. No brazing.

Crank Set - Drop forged from high carbon steel, triple heat treated cups and cones, cones turned from fine grain bar steel, chrome steel balls, two point ball bearing races.

Rear Hub - Standard coaster brake.

Front Hub - Schwinn built with removable bearing cups.

Handlebar Stem - Extension type.

Handlebar - Scout bar.

Kickstand - Patented dust and rattle proof construction.

Head Set - Shwinn built, turned from fine grain bar steel, triple heat treated cups and cones.

Chain Guard - Embrossed design, secured directly to frame.

Tank - Embrossed design, chrome trim,with self contained horn unit.

Fenders - Chrome plated, reinforced, rigid, semi-tubular braces. Rear braces attached directly to frame.

Headlight - Rocket Ray.

Tires - Whitewall Typhoon, 24" x 2 1/8".

Rims - Schwinn built, tubular chrome plated S-2.

Saddle - Best grade tan top, chrome springs.

Reflectors - 1 3/4" Stimsonite.

Grips - Plastic, Schwinn Approved.

Pedals - Schwinn Approved deluxe quality.

Weight - 59 pounds.

Colors - Red and Black, Green and Black, or Black and Red.