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Bicicletas Antiguas

The Schwinn Hornet

Beautifully equipped 24-inch Juvenile model.

Model J-25 and J-75 24-inch

The new Schwinn Deluxe Hornet features quality equipment.

Expertly designed for easy pedaling. Equipment includes built-in tank with electric horn, sturdy kickstand and chainguard, powerful headlight, and confortable saddle. Beautiful baked-on enamel finish.



Frame - Electro-forged, fully streamlined, made from best grade Schwinn built tubing.

Fork - Solid forged steel construction, patented truss rods. No brazing.

Rear Hub - Standard coaster brake.

Front Hub - Schwinn built with removable bearing cups.

Handlebar Stem - Extension type.

Handlebar - Standard Juvenile.

Kickstand - Detachable.

Chain Guard - Ribbed design, secured directly to frame.

Headlight - Torpedo type.

Fenders - 3-inch Crescent.

Tires - Good quality 24" x 2 1/8" cord Balloon.

Rims - Schwinn built tubular, enameled S-2.

Saddle - Standard, felt padded.

Reflector - 1 1/2" Jewel.

Tank - Fine design, fully streamlined.

Pedals - Schwinn Approved, Juvenile.

Weight - J25, 51 pounds; J75, 51 pounds

Colors - Light Red, Chinese Blue, or Coach Green.